Naturbordet cooks food outdoors and wanted to produce a film about what they do best. We liked their idea, packed our Arri Alexa and headed out into the forest. More precise to Edsån not far away from Sätra in Karlsborg municipality.
Arri Alexa in action.

Arri Alexa in action.


Naturbordet likes when there’s a smell of smoke in the air from the grill. That’s something we also like at Hangar 80. The comfort inside the office is sure nice, but to be out in the field is something we like even more. It felt like a perfect match for us to be selected to produce Naturbordets brand film.

Like all projects we shoot, the main camera we use is an Arri Alexa. Since the first time we used cameras from Arri we have been hooked. The image quality, the build quality of the cameras and the intuitive interfaces make the choice of which camera to use a no-brainer. And the Alexa seemed to like to be working with Naturbordet too.

The shots we got from meet being slowly cooked and glazed on the grill, the shots of pasta being produced from scratch and the shots of delicious deserts being cooked on the Muurikka turned out to be great. The final output will sure make most of the audience hungry.

Yours truly
Axel, DP ✌️